Running Gear

Training Sessions

You should wear light clothing with another dry top to put on after the run. Cotton tends to “carry” the fluid you sweat and will become heavy and cold. Light synthetic materials which “breathe” are preferred. The club endorsed range of running wear will be ideal for running at training or events.


Personal Best has developed a range of running wear with our distinctive logo and colours. Understanding the need for skin to breathe freely during running, we have used the best technology. Our range is available to Running Club Members from your local Personal Best studio.


Shoes for running are very important both to help the action of the foot and to prevent injury. Your trainers will be able to refer you to specialists to ensure you have the right shoes for you. Please also refer to “The Dead Shoe Test” below. Personal Best Running Club members have access to discounts and incentives with suppliers of sporting goods. Please ask your trainer before you buy!

Your shoes are going to be a very important investment for your running program. Excessively worn or poorly fitting shoes are a common source of injuries for runners. The following information will help you to evaluate your running shoes:

• Shoes are thought to last between 800 and 1000 kms.

• Write the date of purchase under the insole.

• Continuing injuries may indicate that the shoes are “dead”.

• Softness may indicate that shoes are not offering proper support. They compress too quickly.

The Dead Shoe Test

Bend the front of the shoe back the opposite way it normally flexes. If there is a lot of resistance the shoe is probably okay. It you can bend it back easily, you need to get new shoes.