You Can’t Change a Problem with the Same Thought Process That Created the Problem

Are you frustrated at losing weight only to put the weight back on? Are you struggling to budge that last 5 – 7 kilograms to fit into your favourite outfit?

Chances are, you are going about it the wrong way, either having unrealistic expectations or losing weight in such a way that makes it difficult to maintain your weight loss.

The vast majority of people who lose weight regain it, and most people who get fit, get unfit.

Holding on to what you’ve achieved ALL comes from your mindset. If, in the past, you have not maintained the results that you have achieved, you need to discover why you have self-sabotaged – and only you know that. Referring back to your food diary, or observing eating triggers, may help you to identify the reasons. Whatever the case, continuing to do what has not worked in the past is ‘insane’!

The divide in today’s society between health and wellbeing, and a lack of the same continues to grow. Whilst the majority of people continue to gain weight and/ or lead lives of less than optimum health and wellbeing, there are a minority who are actually improving their health, wellbeing and quality of life with the choices that they make.

It’s worth the effort because you are worth it! You deserve to have the body and the quality of life that you desire.

So, go ahead. Make the changes that you need to make TODAY and create your best life now.

Getting Ready

While the theory of weight loss is simple (energy in versus energy out), the practical reality of transforming your body and creating lasting change is significantly more complex and challenging.  What’s happening on the outside is largely a reflection of your state of mind.

Creating change

The four steps needed to bring about a change are:

Awareness → Focus → Support → Action


Become aware of what it is you need to change. We are boxed in by the boundaries (conditions) of our thinking, e.g. our environment, conditions, patterns and programming. It may be that you need to change your eating, exercise, stressors or social habits (or all of the aforementioned). It may take considerable thought and reflection to establish what you need to change.


Change the way you do things by changing your neural pathway (habit) immediately. You need to be committed to the process of change. It’s not enough to consciously decide to make a change. Change happens at the sub-conscious level immediately. Everything prior to the change is just a lead up or a set-up. What is it you need to change and what habit will you replace it with? Create a compelling pathway – what will it feel/ sound/ look like? Pave your imagination with as much detail as possible. If you have been able to develop poor eating habits, then you are equally able to develop healthy ones.


Form a circle of support around you. Ideal people to provide this support include family, friends, co-workers and/ or a coach. They are generally people that want to help but sometimes may not know how.


We create via our actions or not. When you make the decision to change something, it is important to establish clearly defined, manageable steps that will lead you to accomplish your goal. Learn to love doing what is necessary to accomplish your goals, e.g. eating well, food preparation, cooking and exercising.

You cannot achieve change without taking action! You need to decide if you are willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish your goal or whether it is just wishful thinking. If you are not ready to make the necessary changes, it is better to admit to yourself that now is not the right time, and wait until the time is right. Trying to do something that you are not totally committed to will just lead to failure. This will adversely affect your belief system, making it harder in the future when you do decide you’re ready.

All problems and solutions are created in your imagination. You can’t change a problem with the same thought process that created the problem.

Commitment to change

Change can be difficult, but by establishing a definite reason (purpose) and creating a strong support base, together with education, you can become a person who exercises regularly, eats well and loses weight successfully.

There are some things you can’t change and other things that you can. The key is to focus on what you can and need to change and forget the rest.  Invest your physical and emotional energy where you will get the best return for your effort. When you have identified what you can change, create action and finish what you start. Many people spend their lives not finishing stuff. If that’s you, this is the first thing to change. Do it now!