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What’s Realistic? – A Guide to Effective Weight Loss

Many people start out on a journey to lose weight with unrealistic expectations that not only can’t be reached in a healthful way, but also, can’t be maintained. That is, by far the majority of people that lose weight rapidly, put the weight (and often more) back on. You may have taken a decade or […]

Client Story – Catherine Mcilwraith

Here today I can honestly say I have never felt more energetic, strong & inspired. I feel driven, empowered and thankful.  However a few months ago I felt anything but. Caring for and running a busy household, I had lost all motivation as well as feeling drained. I needed a hobby but wasn’t sure what […]

Client Story – Carol Conias

“well, I’m here, but I don’t want to be” Yes, they were the words I said to Maribel Gonzales when I walked into Personal Best Toowong Studio for my first ever personal training session. The look on Maribel’s face said, ‘O>M>G. this is not going to be fun!’ I was so nervous and convinced that […]

Client Story – Bill Norris

Client Story – Bill Norris Over 5+ years ago a friend of mine said that I should go to a personal trainer to get myself fit again. Over the years I have kept reasonable fitness by playing touch football and then refereeing touch by up to 4 games a night and 4 nights a week. […]

Client Story – Anne Pearson

Training for Two! I’ve been training at Personal Best since 2003 and at the beginning of this year my husband and I found out we were pregnant.  I was getting a little confused with the information I was reading in pregnancy books and magazines as they often contradicted each other about how to exercise but […]

Client Story – Angela Richardson

33yo, running a business, raising 2 kids, following tight schedules and routines, skipping lunch, fast-food for dinner… as each day passed, I became more aware that my lifestyle would eventually take its toll on my overall health. After having 2 children only 15 months apart, I was embarrassed about my weight and my low level […]

Client Story – Andrew Reid

I was always scared of gyms. I didn’t know what all the machines were, and I had no idea how to tackle fitness in any sensible way. Whenever I had tried diets they never lasted, and I had never even known what it felt like to be fit. It was all a rather scary mystery. […]

Client Story – Andrew Eden

Saturday 1 Dec 2007 – the day I started to change my life. Its been almost a year since I came through the door of the Personal Best studio at Sherwood for my first fitness assessment and training session with John.  The week before I had met with Shane to discuss what Personal Best could […]

Client Story – Amanda Jones

I was the heaviest I had ever been.  Clothes didn’t fit me properly, my self-esteem was at an all time low – I was miserable.  And worst of all I lacked the commitment to do anything about it.   One day, on the way to the shop to buy junk food, I happened to walk […]