Client Story – Carol Conias

“well, I’m here, but I don’t want to be”

Yes, they were the words I said to Maribel Gonzales when I walked into Personal Best Toowong Studio for my first ever personal training session. The look on Maribel’s face said, ‘O>M>G. this is not going to be fun!’

I was so nervous and convinced that I was too old and unfit to ever get decent results, fitness and weight wise. My experiences being that way in the past.

How wrong could I be.

20 months later, I am 11 kg lighter (my Doctor approves) and am feeling well, energetic, trim and my level of fitness is really good. Last year, 2008, I had a run in with breast cancer. Two operations and radio therapy were my lot at that time. I was also training with David Rutherford and Maribel at that time. They encouraged me to continue with a program that was modified for me from week to week to compliment my physical capabilities through this challenge.

I can’t tell you how much this helped me physically, mentally and emotionally. Such insight, understanding, patience, caring and quiet encouragement was truly above and beyond what I would have expected to receive.

I am fully recovered and train with Maribel now, and , I can say to you, DONT HESITATE to join this wonderful group, whose dedication to their clients will best you to your goals. Cheers.

Carol Conias