Client Story – Bill Norris

Client Story – Bill Norris

Over 5+ years ago a friend of mine said that I should go to a personal trainer to get myself fit again.

Over the years I have kept reasonable fitness by playing touch football and then refereeing touch by up to 4 games a night and 4 nights a week.

But my knees and my legs had had enough after 12+ years.

After that I didn’t do any exercise except walking and the occasional bike ride, my energy and stamina started to fade away, I was getting a lot of back pain and finding it hard to get out of bed in the morning.

Since I have been coming to Personal Best, I have had a new lease on life. I have been attending 2 times a week and initially asked for a male and a female trainer to get different training skills and I think I have made the right choice. I can highly recommend your staff for their experience and for their mannerism. Each week I attend I seem to get different exercises that work those muscles that I didn’t know I had.

Not only do I get away from the office during the day I get to unwind.

At first, after attending for 12months 1 had my veins in my legs operated on [as recommended by your trainer] and the effects were fantastic, I believe my quick recovery after the operation was contributed to my fitness.

More recently I have had my knees operated on and I was back on the bike after 3 weeks and then after 8 weeks I did the Brisbane to Gold coast 100k bike ride. My doctor said that my leg muscles were in great shape and this had a big effect on my quick recovery. The one activity I really enjoy is my 50k + bike ride every Sunday [this wouldn’t have been possible some years ago without attending your studio]. I have no more back pain and I feel agile flexible and alive.

I would like to thank all the staff at Personal Best

Keep up the good work

Bill Norris