Client Story – Anne Pearson

Training for Two!

I’ve been training at Personal Best since 2003 and at the beginning of this year my husband and I found out we were pregnant.  I was getting a little confused with the information I was reading in pregnancy books and magazines as they often contradicted each other about how to exercise but they all agreed that the mother and baby are much better off if the mother exercises throughout her pregnancy.  I then asked my obstetrician about training who said “trust your personal trainer as they are the professionals and experts in exercise”.  So with that endorsement I confidently continued my training.

My personal trainer, Maribel, was the second person I told (after my husband of course).  Maribel new that we were trying to fall pregnant so after she received the news she easily adapted the exercises in my personal and group sessions to suit the needs of “training for two”.  Continuing training with Maribel in both individual and group sessions was a no brainer!

In the beginning I had to reschedule a few sessions as I was feeling too sick and tired.  Even though I’ve attended a few sessions not feeling great, I’ve still felt good about exercising after the session.  I feel confident training at Personal Best as Maribel monitors my heart rate and checks if I’m feeling okay.  She is always keen to know how my latest doctor’s appointment went and what new symptoms I have with my pregnancy (which often results in us having a good giggle).  

Being pregnant (for the first time) makes me feel a little anxious as I’m not sure what to expect but at least I’m not worried about exercising.  I’m also pleased that my tummy is the only thing expanding and not my thighs!

I look forward to continuing my training with Maribel at Personal Best as my ‘bump’ grows bigger and I will definitely resume training as soon as the doctor gives me the ‘ok’ after the baby arrives.  

Anne Pearson