Client Story – Sarah McKenzie

Last year I became a client of Personal Best.  At 147Kg I had to make a very difficult, yet essential decision:  change my life or eat my way to an early grave.  

Making this decision was not the most difficult part of my journey.  Sticking to my plans and continuing with my program was crucial.  Luckily for me, the staff at Personal Best made every effort to make me feel comfortable and provided me with trainers suited to my personality and needs.

Today I am a healthier and happier 28 year old.  I am active and can breathe with ease.  I have lost 50Kg (and by no means am I finished yet).  I completed a fun run and I just finished my first triathlon!  

At first, losing weight was my ultimate goal.  As I have continued through this journey I have come to the realisation that exercise is not just about fixating on weight loss but rather goal setting to achieve personal success.  Personal success for me means losing weight, being a healthier individual and a happier person.  Exercise is not only a means to an ultimate end for me now.  I love being active and “get cranky” when I don’t exercise!

My attitude has changed; my life has changed.  I am a completely satisfied customer of Personal Best because I know that I would never have achieved my dreams without them and their support.  

I had tried other programs.  I had tried EVERYTHING.  This is the only thing that has ever given me any success.  Why did Personal Best succeed when other programs failed?

Firstly, their programs are completely personalised and tailored to suit your individual needs.  

Secondly all staff are extremely well trained and professional.  My trainers Shane and Carol are very supportive of me and my goals.  They are as proud as I am when I reach my goals!

Thirdly, this is not a gym!  I have never been what one would call a “gym junkie” and at my size I was never comfortable exercising around size eights in lycra.  Since beginning at Personal Best and achieving numerous goals; gyms no longer scare me.  I now even own some lycra!

I would recommend Personal Best to anyone looking for a lifestyle change.  It’s not just about weight loss or exercise, it’s about increasing your confidence and achieving goals you never thought were possible for yourself.  I am continually setting further challenges for myself with the help of Personal Best.  I have more weight to lose and have set further fitness goals to achieve.  I am currently training to complete a half marathon!  I know I will do it because I believe in myself and have excellent support from my friends at Personal Best.

Client Story – Simon Smith

During the later part of 2009 I became conscious of the fact that I needed to address my health needs. Working as a nurse and having different shifts all the time, with resultant poor eating choices and virtually no regular exercise, I found myself to be stressed, lacking energy and looking rather dull. Plus, being in my 40s, I was disturbed by how easily the middle-age spread was beginning to take hold. Because I spend a great deal of my working time encouraging others to be healthy, I realised I had to start practising what I preached. Getting to a gym has always been hard for me, and remaining motivated even harder, therefore I knew I would need some assistance along the way.

Coming into Personal Best was so comfortable. I felt in good, safe hands from the outset and they were genuine about helping me to achieve my priorities of feeling fitter, losing some fat and gaining more muscle. I started in September 2009 and since then I have been coming to Carlos twice per week. It makes a huge difference when you have the complete, one on one attention of a personal trainer, particularly someone as dedicated as Carlos who pushes me to my limits and challenges me every time, so much more than if I was just left to my own devices. The hard work definitely pays off though – I feel stronger, more energetic, I’m seeing the muscles grow in my arms, chest and legs, and the middle-age spread has realised it’s not going to have things all its own way from now on.

Client Story – Sarah Hunter

I spent just over two years training at Personal Best and it was one of the best investments I could have made.  The only reason for leaving was my relocation overseas, and my twice weekly personal training sessions are now sorely missed.

My reason for signing up initially was to tone up and lose a couple of kilos following a period of illness, however, it quickly became a whole lifestyle change.  Not only did I receive individual attention during my gym sessions, I continually worked with my trainer to develop a program that I could follow outside the gym – as a result, I now enjoy running!  

The main difference between Personal Best and simply joining a gym is the routine – there were certainly occasions when I didn’t necessarily feel like being at the gym, but the fact that I had a time locked in meant that I had to go – and I always felt so much better afterwards.  Similarly, when I took a month off for an overseas holiday and then again for my wedding, I had a gym session scheduled for the day after I returned.  I didn’t want my hard work to go to waste, and didn’t want to let myself or my trainer down.  As such, the routine combined with the fact that my trainer pushed me to work harder than I’d ever thought possible, meant that I saw great results – they were gradual, but relatively easy to maintain.

The Personal Best environment is relaxed and friendly (certainly not intimidating), and the trainers are very professional.  I have and would recommend Personal Best to friends, and if I ever return to Sydney or Brisbane, I will be back.

Client Story – Sally Lambourne

Five months ago I contacted “Personal Best”. I knew it was time try something new to improve my health and wellbeing – I had just turned 40, I was unfit and overweight and I had found it really hard to get back into exercising – something I’ve done on and off with differing levels of intensity over the years but have never been able to keep up for any extended period of time.

I am already 10 kilos lighter and so much healthier; I am feeling good about myself and I can finally fit into all those clothes that have been sitting in my wardrobe in the hope that one day I would wear them again (although some of them are just too daggy now!!).

I chose “Personal Best” because I thought it would be more inclusive and receptive to my needs than a regular gym. To date it has been everything I was looking for and more! I attend a mix of personal training and small group sessions which works perfectly for me. There is no joining fee and you actually pay for the sessions you attend.

The trainers (David, Sam and Izzy) are not only well qualified and knowledgeable, they are great motivators who are passionate about what they do, and you can’t help but get influenced by this. The sessions are constantly changing so you never get bored and the exercises are tailored to my specific needs and ability. I feel like I have finally started something I am really keen to continue. They are pushing me beyond my comfort zone – something I have never been able to do on my own. It feels great to know that I can achieve so much more than I thought was possible.

I have no hesitation in recommending “Personal Best” to anyone. I believe that by training at “Personal Best” it is possible to achieve the outcomes you desire and I look forward to staying motivated, being challenged and achieving my future health and fitness goals with the support of the “Personal Best” Team.

Client Story – Peter Richards

I have never been a ‘gym’ or a naturally athletic person.  When I was younger, being tall and pencil thin, physical fitness was not a major issue and I accepted the fact that I struggled to do one push-up.  

After I turned 34, my waistline (in inches) began to match my age, so in my forties the need for more exercise became apparent as the many years in a desk job, relatively poor, but not bad, eating habits and continued stress took its toll.  I now had to monitor higher blood pressure and cholesterol, being overweight and the stresses of work were getting the better of me.  Telling my doctor every six months that I had still had no regular exercise program was wearing thin.  

My wife gave me 10 sessions at Personal Best for my birthday last year and with some reluctance and resignation that I needed to do something, I went for the first session.   It was sobering to see how poor my fitness was.  The only way was up!

Fifteenth months later, I am surprised by the results.  I am much fitter and much stronger.  My body shape has changed and most importantly, my health has improved.  I feel I can cope with work much better, which has benefits in the office and at home.

It’s very rewarding but hard work.  For some exercises I still grit my teeth, but over time they are getting easier.

Personal Best is conveniently located over the hill from where I live in our local shopping centre.  I like the positive, friendly and supportive atmosphere and that it is small, with never too many people. The name says it all.  It is personal and they want the best for you.  Having a trainer has been the critical factor. I would probably not be going without a trainer and a program.  Each session is different, interesting and improvements are common.
I see Personal Best as a great investment in my health and well being.  I still hate push-ups, but I did thirty last week.

Client Story – Natalie Sproule

For the past two years, I hadn’t exercised or played any sport, was unfit, overweight and had been put on blood pressure medication. Although this still didn’t make me realize that I needed to make a change in my lifestyle, this came at the beginning of this year when I tipped the scales of 90kg. This made me realize that i need to do something about my weight for my health.

I knew I wouldn’t be able to lose the weight by myself, so I looked around on the internet for a personal trainer; this is when I found Personal Best looked at the trainer profiles and found Nathan Gill. From the moment I had a consultation with him I felt more at ease and knew he could help motivate me to lose the weight.

Nearly five months on I have lost nearly 20kg, I have dropped a couple of sizes, and I’m feeling great about what I have achieved so far. My Body looks totally different, my fitness level has improved and is at the best it’s ever been. Most of all I feel great and i have more confidence.

I will admit that when my training gets too hard for me Nathan reminds me of where I began and what I have achieved since then, this helps me know that reaching my intended goal is possible and that I am on my way.

I would recommend Personal Best to anyone looking for a lifestyle change. It’s not just about weight loss or exercise, it’s about increasing your confidence and achieving goals you never thought were possible for yourself.

Client Story – Nat Scalia

“It is 6.30 am and it is December, 2002.  I am nervous, scared and excited all at once.  I am about to swim 300 m  in the murky waters of the Pulmistone Passage – salty, cold, crowded with other feet and arms, in the Bribie Triathlon.  I am part of a team in a beginner event for super fit athletes – something I had not even dreamt I would be able to do!”

Three years ago I had a “one off” session at Personal Best fitness studio with Shane Somerville.  I took the session instead of my husband (who had broken his toe) and started what was to be, the change into a fitter, stronger and more determined than ever, me!

Since then I have dropped 10 kg, I have learnt to run and compete in organised events including the Gold Coast Marathon 10k event and the Bridge to Brisbane 12.5k fun run, I have made friends who support me and keep me motivated, I have become a more confident woman!

I have four young children, I have a very, very busy husband, I am able to manage the challenges of being mother, wife, housekeeper, nursemaid, teacher, friend, cook, driver to all ends of the planet, etc… because I know that a few times a week, I can have some time for me – exercise and fitness through my trainer, Shane, and the team at Personal Best!

Client Story – Moira McDade

18 months ago I became a client of Personal Best. My initial goals were to lose some weight and improve a physical problem, resulting from a knee injury.

Within 4 months I had achieved my desired weight loss in time to feel good about myself and my image at my 50th birthday party.

During the following period I set new goals to work on my upper body strength and continue to remedy my knee problem. My recent assessment was my best ever and the major changes I have experienced from this personal training include feeling physically and mentally stronger; being able to move more confidently and receiving lots of compliments about the new me.

I have found the very specific attention to detail from my Personal Best Trainers has been the key to such early achievement of these goals. It feels as though they really do care about my health and well-being and that their interest is beyond the two to three sessions a week we share together. This is shown in other ways such as emails; giving me health tips; keeping my motivation up; personal phone calls to check whether something new we have tried has worked or not. All this has helped to ensure that I am placing the high value on my health that it deserves.

Client Story – Margaret Moore

As a baby boomer I grew up in the great outdoors – bushwalking, camping, playing a variety of team sports, orienteering, etc.    However in 1998 a reoccurring injury heralded the beginning of a more sedate lifestyle in the interest of self preservation.  4 years later, with an increasing middle age spread and tired of being a “blob”, we (my husband and I) decided to look for a personal trainer as our experience of a “regular” gym some years earlier had been less than impressive.  We chose Personal Best.  

With the goal of getting back into orienteering and making a permanent healthier lifestyle change, I decided on two sessions a week – individual and buddy.  The first 14 months or so were fun but quite hard.  Unaccustomed to the rigors of the sessions, parts of my body took to revolting and a couple of times I had to take short spells for recovery.  14 months later changes to my body shape, flexibility and strength are noticeably different.  I feel great, sleep well, have tons of energy and no lower back pain.  After a day of hard work in the garden my back may be sore, but the next day – nothing.  It is so good.

I cannot speak more highly of my trainers.  Over the 28 months I have had two changes of trainers for various reasons and those changes have been significant in my achieving the level of fitness I now have.  Each one’s style of training has been different and that, together with their personality, patience and commitment has been a driving force for me to achieve my goal.  Whilst I am still “a work in progress”, as are my lifestyle changes, I now know I have the capability and the confidence to keep pushing my limits.  There is no going backwards.  Instead of “foot” orienteering I am now mountain bike orienteering.
30 something or baby boomer, it makes no difference to the Personal Best team.  Everyone is treated in a warm, friendly manner.  The Personal Best team is just that – the best.

Client Story – Louise Webb

Last September I came home from a holiday in the snow, which was great exercise, however I had indulged a little too much of the Apre skiing eating and drinking.

I decided after looking in the mirror that I needed to do something about my expanding waistline.  I didn’t want to go to a large gym as I wanted to feel like a person and not a number.  A friend of mine recommended Personal Best, so I went along for a session.

After agreeing to get on the scales, it suddenly dawned on me that it was no wonder that I didn’t have a waist anymore, as I’d put on 20kg since I was married 4 years earlier.  That was the motivation that I needed to make me realise that I needed to become serious about shedding these kilos.  Personal Best provided me with a program that consisted of cardio and weights together with a sensible eating plan.  I wrote everything that I ate and drank down in a food diary and consistently attended my Personal Best training sessions three times per week as well as walking with a girlfriend twice a week.  Within a month I had dropped 6kg and in three months I had dropped 17kg. This amounted to three dress sizes.   I felt fantastic.  

I could not have achieved this without my trainer Jackie, who kept me motivated and focused throughout the months.  I now love going to the gym and not only enjoy the exercise and feel fit and strong, but have met some great friends.  I have just come back from the snow this year and am proud to say that I had to buy a new ski suit as my old one was way too big.