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Weight Training and Fat Loss

Imagine that your body is a motor vehicle. Your muscles: use energy to produce movement (like an engine); absorb impact forces that otherwise could destroy your bones, connective tissue and joint structures (like shock absorbers); and provide the framework that enables you to function physically (like the chassis). Just as mechanics know that proper maintenance […]


While it may be scary to make changes, you will find strength and growth in the process. Tell yourself that things will never be the same. That YOU will never be the same. That this is an opportunity to realise new levels of opportunity and growth. The four steps needed to bring about a change […]

10 Health Myths Busted

There are many myths in all media justifying the consumption of almost any food or drink. Let’s look at some of those myths. Red wine is good for your heart There are definite pros and cons to drinking red wine. It is common knowledge that excessive alcohol consumption is associated with liver disease and for […]

The Glycaemic Index

Unlike many diet plans that you come across, low Glycaemic Index (GI) is not a fad and there are no medical journal articles or scientific studies that say it isn’t a healthy dietary concept. Eating low GI carbohydrates is a key nutrition message that goes hand-in-hand with other healthy eating guidelines such as eat less […]

Women & Weight Training

Weight training is very beneficial for all women. It is particularly beneficial for those with weight loss goals. There are a lot of misconceptions, however, with regard to weight training for women. The most common misconceptions surrounding women and weight training are: Women should lift weights at high repetitions and low weight for ‘toning’ Women […]

Client Story – Sarah McKenzie

Last year I became a client of Personal Best.  At 147Kg I had to make a very difficult, yet essential decision:  change my life or eat my way to an early grave.   Making this decision was not the most difficult part of my journey.  Sticking to my plans and continuing with my program was […]

Client Story – Simon Smith

During the later part of 2009 I became conscious of the fact that I needed to address my health needs. Working as a nurse and having different shifts all the time, with resultant poor eating choices and virtually no regular exercise, I found myself to be stressed, lacking energy and looking rather dull. Plus, being […]

Client Story – Sarah Hunter

I spent just over two years training at Personal Best and it was one of the best investments I could have made.  The only reason for leaving was my relocation overseas, and my twice weekly personal training sessions are now sorely missed. My reason for signing up initially was to tone up and lose a […]

Client Story – Sally Lambourne

Five months ago I contacted “Personal Best”. I knew it was time try something new to improve my health and wellbeing – I had just turned 40, I was unfit and overweight and I had found it really hard to get back into exercising – something I’ve done on and off with differing levels of […]

Client Story – Peter Richards

I have never been a ‘gym’ or a naturally athletic person.  When I was younger, being tall and pencil thin, physical fitness was not a major issue and I accepted the fact that I struggled to do one push-up.   After I turned 34, my waistline (in inches) began to match my age, so in […]