Client Story – Sarah McKenzie

Last year I became a client of Personal Best.  At 147Kg I had to make a very difficult, yet essential decision:  change my life or eat my way to an early grave.  

Making this decision was not the most difficult part of my journey.  Sticking to my plans and continuing with my program was crucial.  Luckily for me, the staff at Personal Best made every effort to make me feel comfortable and provided me with trainers suited to my personality and needs.

Today I am a healthier and happier 28 year old.  I am active and can breathe with ease.  I have lost 50Kg (and by no means am I finished yet).  I completed a fun run and I just finished my first triathlon!  

At first, losing weight was my ultimate goal.  As I have continued through this journey I have come to the realisation that exercise is not just about fixating on weight loss but rather goal setting to achieve personal success.  Personal success for me means losing weight, being a healthier individual and a happier person.  Exercise is not only a means to an ultimate end for me now.  I love being active and “get cranky” when I don’t exercise!

My attitude has changed; my life has changed.  I am a completely satisfied customer of Personal Best because I know that I would never have achieved my dreams without them and their support.  

I had tried other programs.  I had tried EVERYTHING.  This is the only thing that has ever given me any success.  Why did Personal Best succeed when other programs failed?

Firstly, their programs are completely personalised and tailored to suit your individual needs.  

Secondly all staff are extremely well trained and professional.  My trainers Shane and Carol are very supportive of me and my goals.  They are as proud as I am when I reach my goals!

Thirdly, this is not a gym!  I have never been what one would call a “gym junkie” and at my size I was never comfortable exercising around size eights in lycra.  Since beginning at Personal Best and achieving numerous goals; gyms no longer scare me.  I now even own some lycra!

I would recommend Personal Best to anyone looking for a lifestyle change.  It’s not just about weight loss or exercise, it’s about increasing your confidence and achieving goals you never thought were possible for yourself.  I am continually setting further challenges for myself with the help of Personal Best.  I have more weight to lose and have set further fitness goals to achieve.  I am currently training to complete a half marathon!  I know I will do it because I believe in myself and have excellent support from my friends at Personal Best.