Client Story – Simon Smith

During the later part of 2009 I became conscious of the fact that I needed to address my health needs. Working as a nurse and having different shifts all the time, with resultant poor eating choices and virtually no regular exercise, I found myself to be stressed, lacking energy and looking rather dull. Plus, being in my 40s, I was disturbed by how easily the middle-age spread was beginning to take hold. Because I spend a great deal of my working time encouraging others to be healthy, I realised I had to start practising what I preached. Getting to a gym has always been hard for me, and remaining motivated even harder, therefore I knew I would need some assistance along the way.

Coming into Personal Best was so comfortable. I felt in good, safe hands from the outset and they were genuine about helping me to achieve my priorities of feeling fitter, losing some fat and gaining more muscle. I started in September 2009 and since then I have been coming to Carlos twice per week. It makes a huge difference when you have the complete, one on one attention of a personal trainer, particularly someone as dedicated as Carlos who pushes me to my limits and challenges me every time, so much more than if I was just left to my own devices. The hard work definitely pays off though – I feel stronger, more energetic, I’m seeing the muscles grow in my arms, chest and legs, and the middle-age spread has realised it’s not going to have things all its own way from now on.