Client Story – Peter Richards

I have never been a ‘gym’ or a naturally athletic person.  When I was younger, being tall and pencil thin, physical fitness was not a major issue and I accepted the fact that I struggled to do one push-up.  

After I turned 34, my waistline (in inches) began to match my age, so in my forties the need for more exercise became apparent as the many years in a desk job, relatively poor, but not bad, eating habits and continued stress took its toll.  I now had to monitor higher blood pressure and cholesterol, being overweight and the stresses of work were getting the better of me.  Telling my doctor every six months that I had still had no regular exercise program was wearing thin.  

My wife gave me 10 sessions at Personal Best for my birthday last year and with some reluctance and resignation that I needed to do something, I went for the first session.   It was sobering to see how poor my fitness was.  The only way was up!

Fifteenth months later, I am surprised by the results.  I am much fitter and much stronger.  My body shape has changed and most importantly, my health has improved.  I feel I can cope with work much better, which has benefits in the office and at home.

It’s very rewarding but hard work.  For some exercises I still grit my teeth, but over time they are getting easier.

Personal Best is conveniently located over the hill from where I live in our local shopping centre.  I like the positive, friendly and supportive atmosphere and that it is small, with never too many people. The name says it all.  It is personal and they want the best for you.  Having a trainer has been the critical factor. I would probably not be going without a trainer and a program.  Each session is different, interesting and improvements are common.
I see Personal Best as a great investment in my health and well being.  I still hate push-ups, but I did thirty last week.