Client Story – Sally Lambourne

Five months ago I contacted “Personal Best”. I knew it was time try something new to improve my health and wellbeing – I had just turned 40, I was unfit and overweight and I had found it really hard to get back into exercising – something I’ve done on and off with differing levels of intensity over the years but have never been able to keep up for any extended period of time.

I am already 10 kilos lighter and so much healthier; I am feeling good about myself and I can finally fit into all those clothes that have been sitting in my wardrobe in the hope that one day I would wear them again (although some of them are just too daggy now!!).

I chose “Personal Best” because I thought it would be more inclusive and receptive to my needs than a regular gym. To date it has been everything I was looking for and more! I attend a mix of personal training and small group sessions which works perfectly for me. There is no joining fee and you actually pay for the sessions you attend.

The trainers (David, Sam and Izzy) are not only well qualified and knowledgeable, they are great motivators who are passionate about what they do, and you can’t help but get influenced by this. The sessions are constantly changing so you never get bored and the exercises are tailored to my specific needs and ability. I feel like I have finally started something I am really keen to continue. They are pushing me beyond my comfort zone – something I have never been able to do on my own. It feels great to know that I can achieve so much more than I thought was possible.

I have no hesitation in recommending “Personal Best” to anyone. I believe that by training at “Personal Best” it is possible to achieve the outcomes you desire and I look forward to staying motivated, being challenged and achieving my future health and fitness goals with the support of the “Personal Best” Team.