Client Story – Natalie Sproule

For the past two years, I hadn’t exercised or played any sport, was unfit, overweight and had been put on blood pressure medication. Although this still didn’t make me realize that I needed to make a change in my lifestyle, this came at the beginning of this year when I tipped the scales of 90kg. This made me realize that i need to do something about my weight for my health.

I knew I wouldn’t be able to lose the weight by myself, so I looked around on the internet for a personal trainer; this is when I found Personal Best looked at the trainer profiles and found Nathan Gill. From the moment I had a consultation with him I felt more at ease and knew he could help motivate me to lose the weight.

Nearly five months on I have lost nearly 20kg, I have dropped a couple of sizes, and I’m feeling great about what I have achieved so far. My Body looks totally different, my fitness level has improved and is at the best it’s ever been. Most of all I feel great and i have more confidence.

I will admit that when my training gets too hard for me Nathan reminds me of where I began and what I have achieved since then, this helps me know that reaching my intended goal is possible and that I am on my way.

I would recommend Personal Best to anyone looking for a lifestyle change. It’s not just about weight loss or exercise, it’s about increasing your confidence and achieving goals you never thought were possible for yourself.