Client Story – Nat Scalia

“It is 6.30 am and it is December, 2002.  I am nervous, scared and excited all at once.  I am about to swim 300 m  in the murky waters of the Pulmistone Passage – salty, cold, crowded with other feet and arms, in the Bribie Triathlon.  I am part of a team in a beginner event for super fit athletes – something I had not even dreamt I would be able to do!”

Three years ago I had a “one off” session at Personal Best fitness studio with Shane Somerville.  I took the session instead of my husband (who had broken his toe) and started what was to be, the change into a fitter, stronger and more determined than ever, me!

Since then I have dropped 10 kg, I have learnt to run and compete in organised events including the Gold Coast Marathon 10k event and the Bridge to Brisbane 12.5k fun run, I have made friends who support me and keep me motivated, I have become a more confident woman!

I have four young children, I have a very, very busy husband, I am able to manage the challenges of being mother, wife, housekeeper, nursemaid, teacher, friend, cook, driver to all ends of the planet, etc… because I know that a few times a week, I can have some time for me – exercise and fitness through my trainer, Shane, and the team at Personal Best!