Client Story – Margaret Moore

As a baby boomer I grew up in the great outdoors – bushwalking, camping, playing a variety of team sports, orienteering, etc.    However in 1998 a reoccurring injury heralded the beginning of a more sedate lifestyle in the interest of self preservation.  4 years later, with an increasing middle age spread and tired of being a “blob”, we (my husband and I) decided to look for a personal trainer as our experience of a “regular” gym some years earlier had been less than impressive.  We chose Personal Best.  

With the goal of getting back into orienteering and making a permanent healthier lifestyle change, I decided on two sessions a week – individual and buddy.  The first 14 months or so were fun but quite hard.  Unaccustomed to the rigors of the sessions, parts of my body took to revolting and a couple of times I had to take short spells for recovery.  14 months later changes to my body shape, flexibility and strength are noticeably different.  I feel great, sleep well, have tons of energy and no lower back pain.  After a day of hard work in the garden my back may be sore, but the next day – nothing.  It is so good.

I cannot speak more highly of my trainers.  Over the 28 months I have had two changes of trainers for various reasons and those changes have been significant in my achieving the level of fitness I now have.  Each one’s style of training has been different and that, together with their personality, patience and commitment has been a driving force for me to achieve my goal.  Whilst I am still “a work in progress”, as are my lifestyle changes, I now know I have the capability and the confidence to keep pushing my limits.  There is no going backwards.  Instead of “foot” orienteering I am now mountain bike orienteering.
30 something or baby boomer, it makes no difference to the Personal Best team.  Everyone is treated in a warm, friendly manner.  The Personal Best team is just that – the best.