Client Story – Louise Webb

Last September I came home from a holiday in the snow, which was great exercise, however I had indulged a little too much of the Apre skiing eating and drinking.

I decided after looking in the mirror that I needed to do something about my expanding waistline.  I didn’t want to go to a large gym as I wanted to feel like a person and not a number.  A friend of mine recommended Personal Best, so I went along for a session.

After agreeing to get on the scales, it suddenly dawned on me that it was no wonder that I didn’t have a waist anymore, as I’d put on 20kg since I was married 4 years earlier.  That was the motivation that I needed to make me realise that I needed to become serious about shedding these kilos.  Personal Best provided me with a program that consisted of cardio and weights together with a sensible eating plan.  I wrote everything that I ate and drank down in a food diary and consistently attended my Personal Best training sessions three times per week as well as walking with a girlfriend twice a week.  Within a month I had dropped 6kg and in three months I had dropped 17kg. This amounted to three dress sizes.   I felt fantastic.  

I could not have achieved this without my trainer Jackie, who kept me motivated and focused throughout the months.  I now love going to the gym and not only enjoy the exercise and feel fit and strong, but have met some great friends.  I have just come back from the snow this year and am proud to say that I had to buy a new ski suit as my old one was way too big.