Client Story – Catherine Mcilwraith

Here today I can honestly say I have never felt more energetic, strong & inspired. I feel driven, empowered and thankful.  However a few months ago I felt anything but.

Caring for and running a busy household, I had lost all motivation as well as feeling drained. I needed a hobby but wasn’t sure what I wanted to pursue. I wanted to better myself physically as well as emotionally, but I was at a loss as to where to start. I thought about joining a gym….again, but I hated overcrowded classes, having to wait for a treadmill & the lack of enthusiasm once you sign your life away on a dotted line, but I thought that this was my only option.

That was until I walked into Personal Best studio Kenmore. The trainers were kind and eager to help me reach my goals. I immediately admired their professionalism and trusted there judgement straight away. And so began my journey for a better self, right there and then.

The trainers at PB have really helped me. They continue to push all boundaries out the window. Just when I feel I couldn’t possibly lift, run or try any harder, they push me just that little bit further.

The studio is always clean, tidy and never crowded. It is a wonderful place to work out in and I never have to wait for anything.

If ever you want to do something for yourself either for health, fitness, stress reduction or just for fun. I highly recommend Personal Best. The only time I’ll be looking back is when I have completed my first fun run (in a few days time) and see just how far I’ve come!!

Catherine – Pullenvale