Client Story – David Laws

I have had the most success losing weight, and getting and staying fit, when I have a fitness goal that I am committed to, and have recognised the achievable smaller steps in getting to that goal. It is all in my mind really. It’s what I think that makes the difference. Not letting it get overwhelmed by the size of the big goal.
Once I have the goal and start on the small achievable steps, it is a not long till I am in the rhythm of exercise and eating well, and saying no to all the food that surrounds me, sticking to the small steps to get to the bigger goal.
I use PB to stay focussed on fitness, because if I have an appointment I will be there. If I have had a slow exercise week I still know that come Friday David will be putting me through the paces, which usually reinvigorates my interest in the steps to my goals. Or if I fall off the exercise wagon it is not months before I hop on again because PB Friday will be looming to remind me how much I enjoy being fit. PB is also there each week to correct the technique of each exercise to get maximum outcome, and to support on my motivation when it lags.
David Laws