Client Story – Andrew Reid

I was always scared of gyms. I didn’t know what all the machines were, and I had no idea how to tackle fitness in any sensible way. Whenever I had tried diets they never lasted, and I had never even known what it felt like to be fit. It was all a rather scary mystery. I was never a “sporty” type, and was envious of those who were. It seemed like fitness was out of reach for me.

When I finally decided that enough was enough, I went to Personal Best. My personal trainer was a godsend, showing me, without judgment, how to approach my health and how to get started on the right track. I learned about food and how to eat well, and how to exercise to achieve results. And it didn’t take long to see them. With my trainer I developed confidence, and learned to think about my health in a really practical light. Making fitness a priority was so much easier with my trainer guiding me.

My life is different now. I’m having more fun, and feeling more confident to try anything I want. I get compliments on how young I’m looking, and my health is great. I feel more relaxed, and I have more personal direction.

The word “Personal” really means something to the staff at Personal Best. I thought gyms were scary places, but now I feel comfortable walking into the gym, doing my thing, and meeting people who are doing the same. For a long time I thought I was beyond help- but that turned out not to be true. I now go to the gym daily, and am achieving my goals.

In so many areas of life we find an expert to help us when we need them- a doctor, a travel agent, a lawyer. The best investment I made was to find an expert trainer at Personal Best. My health and fitness were worth it, and Personal Best continues to be the gym that is helping me to improve my life.