At Personal Best, we have two training options; personal training and small group training. Small group training sessions include Strength, MetCon (cardio), Pilates and Yoga.

Personal Training

The fees for personal training sessions are:

  • 60-minute sessions – $100.00 per session
  • 45-minute sessions – $80.00 per session
  • 30-minute sessions – $60.00 per session

Fees may be paid via 10-session packages or fortnightly direct debit.

Small Group Training 

 The fees for small group training (45-minute sessions) payable via fortnightly direct debit are:

  • 1 session per week – $28.00 per week
  • 2 sessions per week – $47.00 per week
  • 3 sessions per week – $65.00 per week
  • Unlimited sessions per week – $67.00 per week

A 10-session small group training package is also available for $280.00

Pilates-only Classes

A 10-session Pilates-only package is available for $220.00

Yoga-only Classes
A 10-session Yoga-only package is available for $150.00