David Blair

Hello, I’m David Blair       

My greatest passion is dancing Tango. I generally travel to at least one international festival each year to meet and dance with new people. I also enjoy helping others to enjoy the beauty of Tango through lessons that I provide. I also love to travel, and whether it is to dance Tango or ski in various parts of the world, or just to experience a different culture, it is a pleasure and a privilege to be able to have this opportunity.  Maintaining an active lifestyle is important to me, so when I am not dancing or skiing, I will often be running or mountain bike riding.

I believe my main purpose is to help people create their best quality of life possible. Whether that is in helping to gain optimal performance from their body (often via weight loss), improved relaxation (less stress), or helping to find their true passion and purpose in life, I will do whatever I can to help.

I am always pursuing growth and knowledge whether it is from reading, spending time with mentors, observing others or just getting out there and experiencing and doing!

My skills are in the areas of:

– Weight loss
– Coaching people to live their best life
– Running training
– Dance Teaching

Results I’ve gained with clients include:  

– Coaching players (basketball) to go on to play internationally as well as represent Australia
– Coaching and training numerous clients to transform their body’s to allow them to live a better quality of life
– Helping people to run (when they never thought they would or could) everything from 5 km to marathon events
– Helping people find the beauty in dance and to experience all that dance has to offer
– Training clients to compete in Masters Games.

My favourite exercises include:   

– Running
– Mountain bike riding
– Dead Lifts
– Chin ups

I believe life is not about how many breaths you take, but rather how many moments take your breath away. Life is not about how you look but rather the quality with which you live in all aspects of your life. It is everything from the food that you eat and the frequency and intensity of activity in your life to who you spend time with and how ‘in touch’ you are with your own needs and wants.