Shane Somerville (2)

Shane Somervile

Hello my name is Shane Somervile,

I’m a director of Personal Best and Brisbane Course Co-coordinator for Australian Fitness Academy.

I’m a proud father of two kids Ben and Charlotte and the lucky Husband to my beautiful wife Nerissa.  Together we contribute to a wonderful family and business life through helping each other achieve what we would like to achieve.  We enjoy our friends, each other and family caravan holidays.

Positions Held in Personal Best and Australian Fitness Academy
–       Director
–       Head Lecturer and Brisbane Course Coordinator
–       Corporate health Fitness Consultant, speaker and program designer
–       Personal Trainer
–       Pilates Instructor
–       Running Club Coach
–       Pb Adventure Holiday coordinator

–       Fitness equipment consultant

I’m into:  #1 One Word… EVERYTHING! By that I mean I encourage the participation in everything and anything I would like or you would like to do.  “Together” we can do it. The focus for me is always on Participation.  Anything from an exercise to a mode of exercise to an event we could train for.

You never know what can happen, it might trigger something SPECIAL in you. The start of some thing and you never look back.

I’m into #2: I’m a bit of a jack-of-all-trades and master of none sort of guy. I enjoy participating in everything and being crossed trained across all modes of exercises and experiences. Variety for me is the secret to my life.

I enjoy
–       Surfing
–       Touch Football
–       Touch Rugby League (these days)
–       Triathlon
–       Swimming
–       Running
–       Bike (road and x country)
–       Weight training (weight lifting, TRX, Kettle bell, High intensity circuits)
–       Boxing
–       Pilates

I enjoy the friendships; the energy, the challenges; the relaxation and the physical and mental pay offs that participating in all these things provides me.

–       Diploma in Rec (Fitness)
–       Cert III in Fitness
–       Cert IV in Fitness
–       Cert IV Training and assessment
–       Level 1 Pilates Instructor (Mat and Reformer)
–       Level 3 Personal Trainer
–       Bronze Medallion

Professional Memberships: Fitness Australia, Network for Fitness Professionals and IHRSA
Attendance: File 11 years, 2 x IHRSA conferences

Personal Best (Australia) Pty Ltd was founded in 1998. I have 16 years of Personal training experience and running a small business that has 4 locations in Brisbane and Sydney.

I have been fortunate enough to work with and be inspired by so many of my clients whom show human spirit and determination beyond their expectations.
There is not many clients I have not trained and continue to: the different ages, male and female, I cant do to the can do, the unfit to extremely fit, weight loss, muscle building to walkers to joggers.
No matter the goal, no matter how each clients looks and feels, I want our clients to know that everyone has that one thing in common; Each those people are training for the same reason they are; To improve themselves. To better than they are.

I believe in Motivation, Support and education.

Using the years of Business and PT experience has allowed me to evolve and educate the Next generation of fitness professionals – through Australian Fitness Academy.

Now teaching Cert III and IV in fitness I have the opportunity and passion to build the next generation of fitness professionals into the Personal trainers they can be.  Giving precedence to what industry employers and clients demand from their fitness professionals paving the way to building and giving insight to the most rewarding long term fitness professional career that changes lives and yours!


Believe in yourself and in your plan. Say not, I cannot, I can. The prizes of life we fail to win because we doubt the power within! ~ Anonymous
Determination, persistence, consistent, passion.  Sing your Song.

David Blair

Hello, I’m David Blair       

My greatest passion is dancing Tango. I generally travel to at least one international festival each year to meet and dance with new people. I also enjoy helping others to enjoy the beauty of Tango through lessons that I provide. I also love to travel, and whether it is to dance Tango or ski in various parts of the world, or just to experience a different culture, it is a pleasure and a privilege to be able to have this opportunity.  Maintaining an active lifestyle is important to me, so when I am not dancing or skiing, I will often be running or mountain bike riding.

I believe my main purpose is to help people create their best quality of life possible. Whether that is in helping to gain optimal performance from their body (often via weight loss), improved relaxation (less stress), or helping to find their true passion and purpose in life, I will do whatever I can to help.

I am always pursuing growth and knowledge whether it is from reading, spending time with mentors, observing others or just getting out there and experiencing and doing!

My skills are in the areas of:

– Weight loss
– Coaching people to live their best life
– Running training
– Dance Teaching

Results I’ve gained with clients include:  

– Coaching players (basketball) to go on to play internationally as well as represent Australia
– Coaching and training numerous clients to transform their body’s to allow them to live a better quality of life
– Helping people to run (when they never thought they would or could) everything from 5 km to marathon events
– Helping people find the beauty in dance and to experience all that dance has to offer
– Training clients to compete in Masters Games.

My favourite exercises include:   

– Running
– Mountain bike riding
– Dead Lifts
– Chin ups

I believe life is not about how many breaths you take, but rather how many moments take your breath away. Life is not about how you look but rather the quality with which you live in all aspects of your life. It is everything from the food that you eat and the frequency and intensity of activity in your life to who you spend time with and how ‘in touch’ you are with your own needs and wants.

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Hello, I’m Connie Heitz

I’m into:
hiking, tennis, working out, cooking, exploring new places, and learning just about anything new, especially about Australia.

My skills are in the areas of:
Pilates and personal training.

Results I’ve gained with clients include:  
improving posture, flexibility, mobility, joint stability and strength.

My favourite exercises include:
push-ups and anything on the physio ball.

My personal philosophy is:  
Keep both your body and mind strong and flexible, and my favourite words by Don Miguel Ruiz…..

Be impeccable with your word

Don’t take anything personally

Don’t make assumptions

Always do your best


Hello, I’m Somerton Lester

I’m into:
Strength Training, Nutrition, Adventure Sports, Business, Technology, Beach, Enjoying life and having fun! In relation to workouts I like to adopt a constantly varied, high Intensity, functional movement methodology when programing

My skills are in the areas of: 
Strength Training, Metabolic Conditioning, Endurance, and Knowledge in Nutrition.

Results I’ve gained with clients include:  
Increased Fitness levels in Conditioning and Muscular Endurance.

My favourite exercises include:       
Deadlift, Back Squat, Snatch, Slam Balls, Kettle bells, Tyre Flips, Running.

My personal philosophy is:  
If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you. Be an enthusiast in life.

Personal Best Weight Loss Program – Standard

The Standard package includes:
• Weight Loss Manual
• Recipes
• Food & Exercise Diary
• Pedometer (SW500 steps, distance, clock)
• Tape measure • Coaching (1 x ½ hour session)
• 2 Assessments (including body measurements)
• One personalised 6 week exercise program
• Smart Shape fact sheets emailed weekly (52 weeks)
• Email Support (4 weeks)

Price: 199.00 AUD

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Personal Best Weight Loss Program – Success

The Success package includes:

• Weight Loss Manual

• Recipes

• Food & Exercise Diary • Pedometer (SW500)

• Tape measure • Coaching (5 x ½ hour sessions)

• Three assessments (including body measurements)

• One personalised exercise program

• Smart Shape Weekly fact sheets (52 weeks)

• Email Support (5 weeks)


Price: 749.00

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Personal Best Weight Loss Program – Ultimate

The Ultimate package includes:
• Weight Loss Manual
• Recipes
• Food & Exercise Diary
• Pedometer (SW500)
• Tape measure
• Coaching (10 x ½ hour sessions)

  • Six assessments (including body measurements)
  • Two x 5 week personalised exercise programs
  • Smart Shape Weekly fact sheets (52 weeks)

• Email Support (10 weeks)


Price: 1399.00 AUD

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Hello, I’m Frank Kireka

I’m into:
Water sports, exercising, training and all sports

My skills are in the areas of:
Bootcamp, boxing training, Triathlons, Crossfit, Rugby/league

Results I’ve gained with clients include:
Weight loss, strength and conditioning, muscle toned

My favourite exercises include:
Kettle Bell movements. Handstand push ups

My personal philosophy is:
‘Hard times never last, but hard people do”
‘Think big” and “never give up!”


Hello, I’m Pek Lees 

I’m into:
The simple life; training, eating, sleeping and relaxing. I love playing and watching sports – Rugby Union, Olympic weightlifting, Muay Thai/Boxing and most ball/contact sports.

I took up Olympic lifting this year and hope to compete in State and Nationals next year.

I also decided to take up surfing this year and hope to have my own board and get past the white wash by the end of summer!

My skills are in the areas of:  
Strength and Conditioning. I have a Level 1 ASCA Strength and Conditioning coaching certification and hope to complete a degree in Exercise or Sports Science and Level 2 Strength & Conditioning certification in the next 5 years.

I believe that with a properly structured periodized program, clean eating and the will to train 4-6 times a week, you’ll reach any physical goal you set yourself.

Results I’ve gained with clients include: 
Helping a 50+ year old lady complete her best half marathon time. We managed to lose 14kg of body fat and strengthened her from being barely able to lunge, to box squatting and deadlifting!

Almost all of my clients are now able to deadlift and squat their body weight and over.

One of my first clients was unable to complete one chin up or body dip when he started with me. With consistent strength training, he is now able to do 10+ body weight chins and dips, and has moved onto weighted chins! He has also dropped 5kg in fat as an added bonus.

Another client has now dropped 63.5mm (8.5% body fat) and is fitting into the jeans she wore when she first came to Australia!

My favourite exercises include: 
Squats (full depth!), deadlifts/clean or snatch grip pulls, cleans, jerks, snatches, push press and chin ups.

My personal philosophy is:   
My training philosophy is basic and heavy. Lift as often as you can, as heavy as you can. The 3-5 program sums this up nicely;
3-5 training sessions a week
3-5 exercises per session
3-5 sets per exercise
3-5 reps per set
3-5 minutes rest between sets
Deload and test every 3-5 weeks.

My personal philosophy is to live a simple but colourful life. Train, eat, sleep, repeat. Enjoy yourself. Have fun, as long as what you’re doing isn’t hurting anyone.

As Bruce Lee once said, “The key to immortality is first living a life worth remembering”

So get out there, and do the things you’ve always wanted to do!