Liam Saxby – Client of the month

Liam’s journey with Personal Best started in October 2013. He approached us to get him bigger and stronger for his school rugby union team. He weighed 75kg and was a little light for a prop.

After the initial assessment, we put Liam on a 3 month strength program with the aim of lifting 100kg squat, 100kg deadlift and 75kg bench. He had one contact hour at the studio and did most of his lifting at home or at school.

Liam worked hard and managed to exceed his goals to lift 110kg squat, 120kg deadlift and 65kg bench.

2014 was a big year for Liam. He juggled year 12 studies, rugby training and was invited to train with the school Olympic Weightlifting team.

Liam’s goals evolved and so did our training. We incorporated more weightlifting technique work while continuing to build his overall strength.

Liam would often train twice a day and has continued to smash new personal records. To date, he can now squat 140kg, deadlift 140kg, bench 90kg, snatch 70kg and clean and jerk 85kg.

We are proud of Liam and his achievements. He is a prime example of taking things one step at a time, effective flexible programming and consistent training. His next goal? To back squat 151kg, which is double his body weight!