Go Somerton….

Somerton has recently joined PB city and is a regular face putting the Xtreme Fit groupies through their paces. With his military training background he is never short of ideas to challenge the human body. Somerton continues his journey with Cross fit this year and most recently increased his dead lift PB to 185kg for a three repetition max. One needs to question his riding ability on the trail bike though with a recent high speed fall that left him rattled and bruised. Somerton is the master of the kitchen and with his wife’s recent birthday was very proud of his cake making ability, the pictures looked amazing and completely healthy as well! Ask Somerton next time you see him to share his ideas on creating treats that are healthy.

Nathan completed his first Stampede Race this month and was challenged by the amount of hills on the course! The obstacles were a relief after some of the hill climbs. Great fun and we look forward to putting a bigger team together next year. With the 2014 Thailand fitness camp adventure trip just around the corner cardio workouts for Nathan are on the increase. Let’s hope he doesn’t fade away to a shadow.