School is Back!

So it is the beginning of February and School has returned to its regular day to day activity for another year.  What does that mean for everyone else?  A bit of normalicy is restored!!

We have had a number of people asking the best way to get back into shape FAST!  And its simple – routine.  Set yourself a routine and stick to it and discover how easy everything else falls into place.  One of the best ways to stay accountable to your training is with a Trainer one on one.  Personal Training will ensure you acheive your results faster, you get the most out of your aloted training time (because lets face it, we love group sessions because the trainer can be distracted by others for us to have a quick rest period!), and you stay accountable to your sessions.  If you know someone is waiting for you to arrive to get that well needed bout of fitness for the day, then you are less likely to find those little excuses to avoid the session than if you were simply going to a group session or your own afternoon run/cycle.  Indoor activity also eliminates the issue of struggling with the weather!  Even if it is just for the short term, personal training will help you rediscover your routine and enjoyment in exercise – it may not be the exercise itself but the great feeling of finishing it, or the fantastic results on your body after a few weeks/months of training.

Let a Personal Trainer help you stay on your fitness path for 2014, and avoid those little excuses that build up and cause us to realise it has been over a week since we last went for a run along the river!