Cert 3 students first big exam

This week our certificate 3 students had their first big exam based on anatomy.  If anyone has sat a test on anatomy or even simply studied up on it you will understand the vast complexity that is the human body.  There was a mixture of excitement, fear and anticipation as they entered the studio this morning – some were quietly confident, some had worked themselves up so much that sleep was hard to find the night before.  Upon entering the room and having that door close on them as a final sign of start time, the energy in the room was electric.  Calmed slightly by their mentor and teacher Shane Somerville, the girls sat their exam with no tears, and only a few groans.

The time ticked by, pens wrote furiously, and on the final note of ‘pens down’ the slight persperation and faster breathing of the students settled and they exited the room relieved and slightly anxious of the results.  What a morning!

What will their results be?  We can’t wait to find out – but we all have faith in our students and their capability.  They have been studying so hard inside and outside of the classroom that there is no way they couldn’t have been successful – despite the selfdoubt.

First big exam down, 5 weeks in to their certificate 3 studies and we are proud to say that they have emerged alive and kicking.

Results pending – great work girls!