Melbourne Cup Hangover

Well it is the day after Melbourne Cup and what a fantastic day it must have been!  We have had clients either cancelling their morning sessions or turning up late and looking quite hazy.  And the stories!  Sounds like it was quite a day for everyone who managed to get out and about, dress up, have a bit of fun with their friends at the race track, at the local or at the office.  And why not?  For the race that stops the nation – definitely a good day!  I hope that you had a win of some sort or another yesterday.

We are proud to share that one of our Hot Mama’s ladies, who is currently flying full pelt through her 6 week end of year challenge, won Best Dressed at the races yesterday – and so she should!  These ladies have now hit the half way mark for their challenge and they are on fire! They have all increased their training intensity in class as well as increased their training volume throughout the week.  We are now seeing our lovely ladies more often throughout the week, and hearing fabulous stories of Mt Coot-tha runs and river rides.  No longer do we see them hanging out at the local cafe for an hour or more after their sessions over coffee and cake (not to say there isn’t socialising over coffee still happening) but now hearing stories about how productive they have become in their days and how much more alert and energetic they are feeling during their tasks.

We quite often get asked ‘why can’t I lose weight here (pinching hips, stomach, thighs or tricep areas), I am exercising so hard!  Should I be doing more specific exercises?’.  This is when we start to discover the coffees, sneeky chocolates, thick cheesy pasta meals and ‘treat nights’.  While we are not nutritionists we certainly have the ability to advise that some of these things would be better in moderation and Voila!!! Changes are happening.  It is wonderful when we discover that it is the small things that make all the difference.

What small thing can you change in your day to make a difference to your health? Whether it be 1 less coffee, an apple instead of a caramelo koala chocolate, take the stairs to your office level instead of the elevator or even just cut out 1hr of tv at night for an extra hour of sleep!  Our Hot Mama’s have taken the challenge to make a change, feel a difference and support each other in their race to the finish – what challenge will you set for yourself?