Active Person

I have always been an active person, however have yo-yo’d with my weight for the last 3 years. My heaviest was 72kgs which is reflected in the photo on the left. 6 months before this photo I was 54kg and living on next to nothing – bone thin. I could never find the right balance or the right support in my life and always felt like that healthy fit lifestyle I had always envisaged for myself was never going to happen.

I had just started a new job and although I was confident in my abilities I wanted to be confident on the outside as well as the inside. I wasn’t going to join as I was a member of another gym but a little push from a few work colleagues that are members of Personal Best and I was in to pick my application forms up. Greeted by Nathan, Pek & Jesse, I almost immediately felt like I was one of them, like I had met them all before, I felt welcomed with open arms and so that was it; they had me – hook, line & sinker. Everything changed in that October 2012 when I started training with Nathan from Personal Best. I knew from the moment that I walked in the studio that big things were going to happen.

From the very first session I knew then & there that I would get given the right tools to achieve my goals. He has provided me with the tools that not only work for me specifically but fit with the person that I am. I knew that if I really wanted this (lifestyle change), it was totally achievable knowing I had Nathan, Pek and Jesse to support me and push me along the way. I need to thank Nathan mostly. I am so grateful for your time, your constant support, your knowledge, your encouragement, your patience & your sincerity. You have totally changed my life and I couldn’t be happier. I am almost 10kgs lighter can Dead lift 110kgs, Squat 120kgs, & can do 12.5kg weighted chin ups!! Oh and run 8km & enjoy every second of it (for me that is huge as I HATED running). Every week is exciting whether I am training on my own following my well mapped out training program , having my weekly session with Nathan or joining in on a group session with Pek or Jesse. I am smashing my PB’s getting stronger, fitter and loving it every second of it.