Client Story – Kasey Drayton

I decided to join Personal Best after seeing the amazing results my husband achieved in such a short time.

I joined when my youngest child was 5 months old and was carrying about 6 kilos of extra baby weight.  I was flabby, unmotivated and had no core strength whatsoever.    At my initial appraisal I could not even do one sit up or one push up.

I wanted to succeed but previous efforts at gyms had been unsuccessful as I lost interest after a short time.

Fourteen months later I am stronger, toned and have lost all the baby weight.  My core strength has improved incredibly, I have more flexibility and feel fit and strong.      I am now hooked and attend 3 times a week – something I never thought I would do.

Having the right trainer is paramount and I’ve been lucky to have access to 3 amazing trainers in Issy, David and Sam.    I could not have come as far as I have without the help and drive of Israel and his sensational sessions.

The key elements that keep me coming back each week are – small classes and individual attention, varied exercises and circuits, motivated trainers and simply feeling so good after each session.

I believe my success is also due to the varied and individual programs.   I had previously done a bit of cardio work but never weight training.  I think the combination of weight training and cardio work has helped me not only lose my excess weight quickly, but keep it off. It also helps me to get stronger and leaner without the bulking up many associate with weight training.  I also like knowing it’s helping to build calcium stores inside my bones.

I love that there’s a great team spirit with the clientele of Personal Best and the varied mix – old, young and everyone in between are welcome and we all work to our own ability.

My husband and I even do gym sessions and exercise while on holidays now – mini programs given to us by our trainer.

Kasey Drayton