Marathon Runner – Brisbane City

I ran my 3rd Gold Coast Half Marathon in 2011 weighing in at around 77 kgs. The heaviest I had been since having Harry, now 15 years of age. The experience was horrible and after the 14K mark, it was a mental struggle to complete the remaining 7ks. My beautiful running buddy had started a new business and on top of this, had a baby! Of course, she had no time for running! With no running buddy and combined with a busy work schedule with lots of travel, I had piled on the weight. The turning point was September 2011 when I visited my doctor for my yearly check-up and discovered my waist was over the 80cm mark. I felt like giving up on my weight at that point! However, as a financial planner, my doctor reminded me of the benefits of investing in my health. That’s when I arranged personal training sessions with Pek and joined WeightWatchers! I ran my 4th Gold Coast Half Marathon on Sunday 1 July 2012 weighing 63 kgs and at the 14K mark, I felt not only strong but I was able to enjoy completing the final 7ks and soak up the atmosphere of the finish. All I can say is, thank you to Pek for first of all, helping me to identify what my goal was (run faster) and secondly, pushing me out of my comfort zone on that treadmill! And, it is always a pleasure to walk into a training session at Personal Best as you are made so very welcome. My next goal? The full marathon on the Gold Coast first Sunday in July 2013!