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The Best Times of the Day to Eat to Lose Weight

The most important thing is that your meals fit in with your daily routine and preferences. Someone that works shiftwork is going to need to eat at different times of the day than a person that works 9 until 5.

We’re always told midnight snacks are no good for us when we want to lose weight or that if we eat too close to bedtime, we’ll have nightmares or terrible indigestion. There is actual scientific evidence linking hormonal control and weight loss and weight gain to how often you eat in each day. Intermittent fasting is a way to restrict the number of calories you consume in a day. 16:8 is ideal, i.e. consuming your daily food intake within an 8 hour timeframe, e.g. between 11:00 AM and 7:00 PM each day. A longer ‘eating window’ of 9-10 hours may also be effective. This allows flexibility for people who don’t necessarily like to eat breakfast or, on the other hand, people who prefer to eat their main meals earlier in the day.small group training paddington

Unlike most diets, the number of one’s daily calories is not as important a focus in intermittent fasting. For most people, intermittent fasting naturally limits the overall calorie intake. The guidelines are that all calories and meals need to be consumed within an 8-hour timeframe each day. According to one study, mealtimes must agree with the body’s natural circadian rhythms. If not, blood sugar levels can increase by 18 percent more than normal, which leads to higher levels of the fat-storing hormone, insulin. Furthermore, the longer we make ourselves go hungry, the more fat is likely to be stored in the liver. You, therefore, should ideally space your meals out within your ‘eating window’.

No matter what eating plan you implement, ensure that you maintain a healthy balance between protein, carbohydrates and fat and choose healthy food options.