Just Eat Real Food


Let’s look at a basic list of foods that you’ll enjoy with this Whole Food approach.

Meats, Eggs & Seafood

If possible, seek grass-fed or pasture-raised meats and wild-caught seafood. Well-raised meat is an excellent source of healthy fats, minerals like iron and zinc, and complete protein! Get a VARIETY of healthy animal protein – different types contain different benefits (for example, red meat is excellent for iron; oysters for zinc; and salmon for omega-3).

Veggies & Fruits

Your focus will be opening the door to as many new, fresh, FUN varieties of fruits and vegetables as possible! The plant world is full of unique, flavorful, and versatile fruits and vegetables, and these are THE healthiest carbo­hydrate sources on the planet. Concentrate first on non-starchy vegetables and spices, and add starchier veggies based on your goals and activity level. Whole, fresh, frozen, pre-cut – anything goes!

Unrefined Fats & Oils

Whether you’re cooking or simply looking to add flavor to your meals, the BEST quality fats are from unrefined, minimally processed, natural sources: butter, ghee and other fats from GRASS-FED animals; fatty fruits like avocado, coconut and olive; coconut oil, and Extra-Virgin Olive Oil fit the bill. Egg yolks are an excellent source of choline, Vitamin A and healthy, cell-building cholesterol – so do NOT throw them away!