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New Strength Records Set

Not everyone tested in the last two weeks, but those that did broke personal records in at least one or in some cases, all three lifts! Bench Press – Dead Lift – Back Squat Everyone was pleasantly surprised at their progress and we still have one more training block until the year is over! We […]

Muscle Hypertrophy

The strong class has trained very solidly this month. They are all pounding out some good weights and building their technique and lifting confidence. We have been concentrating on limited range of motion exercises to work on their weak points and have also increased the rep volume to stimulate muscle hypertrophy. If they keep this […]

Personal Records Being Smashed!

Strong class is doing their mid year testing this week. We have been pushing some really good weights in the lead up, with many people doing multiple reps of their previous 1 rep max. I’m hoping for some smashing records, so fingers crossed everyone is healthy and ready to lift big!

Putting it All together

WHAT TO DO. 1) Aim for three meals each day. More meals are unnecessary, and – contrary to popular belief – are NOT helpful in optimizing metabolism. 2) Eat Protein, Carb (Veggies/Fruit) & Healthy Fat. Always. • A good starting point is to aim for a serving of protein the size of the palm of […]


The STRONG class (group fitness in the city) are starting their new strength block which focuses on 3 weeks of high intensity build up and one week of de-load. This is in the effort to help them become accustomed to lifting heavy as often as possible. Given proper rest and recovery, the strong group should […]

Just Eat Real Food

JUST EAT REAL FOOD! Let’s look at a basic list of foods that you’ll enjoy with this Whole Food approach. Meats, Eggs & Seafood If possible, seek grass-fed or pasture-raised meats and wild-caught seafood. Well-raised meat is an excellent source of healthy fats, minerals like iron and zinc, and complete protein! Get a VARIETY of […]

How STRONG can you get in 12 weeks

It’s testing time for the strong group. So far the lead up has gone really well with most people lifting their last 1RM for multiple reps! It’ll be interesting to see how much stronger they have gotten over these 12 weeks from being part of the group strength classes. Our youngest client Liam has also […]


Somewhere along the way, we stopped eating real, nutritious, nutrient-dense food. In fact, often the very foods we assume are “healthy” are actually the ones that keep us in a cycle of poor athletic performance, stalled fat loss, chronic digestive problems, and other issues that keep us from reaching our full potential. It’s difficult to […]

Personal goals in strength training hit a new high!

One of our youngest clients has been strength training for rugby with great results. He has packed on some muscle and has beaten his Personal Best squat by another 10kg. That now puts him at 120kg back squat at 72kg and 16 years old! With another 5 weeks of high intensity strength training to go, […]

Olympic Lifting

The group strong class have spent January being introduced to the art of Olympic lifting. They are now ready to start their strength and power training! Let’s see how much stronger they can get their lifts!