Client of the Month – Jeralee O’Byrne


Jeralee O’Byrne started her journey with fortnightly personal training sessions with Personal Best and has since committed to 4 group strength & conditioning session per week! Taking her capacity to new levels and with a constant change in her body composition, she is well within reach of her goals. Dropping another 2% in her body fat and gaining 1.12 kg in lean muscle from her last assessment!

She hopes all this preparation will have her ready for our Thailand Fitness camp in Feb 2015.

Client of the Month – Amy Baker

Personal Best - Client of the Month - Amy Baker

Amy Baker

In January 2014, Amy wanted to step up from boot camps, swimming and running to concentrate on some targeted areas to be able to meet her full potential. Having started to embark on PT sessions with Personal Best, not long after she learned that she would also be expecting her first child. She was over the moon about the pregnancy but unsure where this left her with her training goals.  For the last 9 months, her trainer, Shane, has been able to coach her through staying fit (maintaining her cardio vascular fitness), maintaining her strength and working on her goals all the time with the growing baby bump.  She has worked within her capacities while still feeling challenged and never scared to give it a go!  Amy continues to be active and fit, and ready for the next stage of being a mum.  Amy is looking forward to getting back into training once baby arrives to maintain her health and fitness for her future family 🙂

She is so pleased that she continued with her training…especially as Shane kept adapting her training as my body changed and was able to train until being 38 weeks pregnant!